Beach Villas on Western Puerto Rico

Shacks-Jobos Beach, Isabela, Puerto Rico

Jobos Beach (Isabela) If you enjoy surfing, snorkeling, running along the shore or just relaxing with a drink at your side this is the place for you 

Jobos Beach

Montones  (Isabela) In addition to the calm waves for adults, for those traveling with toddlers Montones offers an area with a safe natural pool-like setting, protected by a reef, where the water only rises to about 24 inches

                     Montones Beach


Shacks  (Isabela) a more secluded, natural setting beach that offers wonderful snorkeling, scuba diving and kite boarding experience along the Blue Rim reef at Shacks Beach.
Shacks Beach

Old Ruins (Aguadilla) if you like secluded beaches, amazing scenery, historic coastal adventures, then you’ll love our Old Ruins — the scene is breath taking
Old Ruins

Crash Boat
  (Aguadilla) a popular beach with the young crowds on the weekends, a white sandy beach with clam waves along the bay, bake in the sun along the colorful fishing boats
Crashboat Beach